Birch Plywood Geometric Coasters - set of 4

Birch Plywood Geometric Coasters - set of 4


Set of 4 handmade recycled birch plywood coasters, finished with a natural hard-wax oil, to protect against stains.

I make these coasters as a way of using what would normally be waste offcuts from large projects I produce. I like to use 'every part of the animal' where possible to protect against waste. I've always found the 'end grain' of birch plywood to have a pleasing aesthetic and using this as the basis to create the puzzle-like geometric Battenburg, was its own fun challange.

Each coaster in the set has an individual geometric design.

Dimensions: 9cm x 9cm, 8mm high.

International buyers: Please be aware that your package could be pulled aside by customs, which means delivery may take longer.

Any customs fees to be covered by the customer.

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