‘Space Between Space’ is a collection of five pieces that centre around a Space exploration and NASA-inspired theme


The three globes  – Moon, Mini Moon, and Jupiter – bring a warm, tangible tactility to something we might usually perceive as cold, distant, and unobtainable. The near-perfect spheres are created using a hand-made lathe (the ‘Moon Maker’), with the craters and canyons carved into the wood using NASA photomaps of the lunar surface as a guide. Jupiter is constructed from four different types of locally sourced British woods that mirror the planet’s storm cloud formations and colours.


The two furniture pieces are inspired by items of pure function. The record cabinet door-opening mechanics take their cue from the unfurling of satellite solar arrays (which themselves take inspiration from Japanese origami); the door can be opened four different ways. The drinks cabinet contains a sliding pulley ratio system making it lighter to open, and the door design is based on the titanium chevrons used in the Lunar Rover’s innovative mesh tyre design.