COMING CLEAN: Life as a naked HOUSE cleaner

 TravelLing, collapsIble, interactive theatre prop tables


Ethan Mechare's unique theatre experience required some unique solutions to a number of problems.

His show takes place primarily in peoples homes as well as non-traditional theatre spaces, this meant he was reliant on available tables and furniture to set up the show props and storytelling devices.


Ethan came to me with the proposition of making two tables that would become a part of his show. Adding to the humour and providing a certain "Mary Poppins' handbag" feel to the number of items they could store, they also needed to be compact and collapsable, ready for Ethan's tour around the USA.

These were CNC cut into layers from an ultra light weight MDF and plywood.

They contain voids for a laptop, an iPad, signed celebrity letters, two 'willy' trays, an expanding table top surface, a spring loaded pop up award, prop cut outs for easy pre-show set up, and space for a projector and screen... Oh, and a magazine rack and a cheese ball dispensary.

All this is then perched atop a set of collapsable tripod legs.


To see these tables in person, and get a bonus show from Ethan, find out where he'll be performing next via his site.